It is an amazing feeling working with small to mid-size business owners.

While we focus on creating awesome websites that they work on every device, we also focus on how to use relevant keywords to ensure higher ranking in search terms.

Steve & Nicks Motors’s original website was done with different website designer company. Unfortunately, never was submitted to any search engines. Hence, at this point hardly is ranking even under search terms ” Steve and Nicks Motors”

This is a very bad result for any clients if they don’t even rank under their own name.

At we do things differently, we know geographical location of our client and we also know what sort out services they do. The smart way to create a website is to use most important keywords as part of your Domain Name.

Therefore, we have created: it contains keywords such as Mechanic “Type of work they do” and Reservoir “Thier location”.

We submitted the site to Google last Friday and the site is ranking well. No backlink has been made, no SEO has been performed yet. Under terms ” Mechanic Reservoir” their site appears on page 3 position 3. Which it’s fantastic for such valuable keywords.

Under search terms ” Steve and Nick Motors” they are position one page 2. We need to remember this site is only 5 days old and its performing great.

As always we created 100% Mobile Responsive Website that works on every device available in the market. We always perform testing cross browsers to ensure the site is compatible with all browsers.

Even though our office is located in South Morang 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD, we are able to create and design your website regardless of your location.

To create your website, simply contact us and take an advantage of our no-obligation free consultation.

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