At EverSight. Agency, we take a proud of our precision work. Our professional team were able to complete the first version of a revolutionary mobile app that will change the way we meet people.

EverKard is an innovative app that uses current technology to its maximum capacity to ensure human contact is constant.

EverKard is a live business card that is available on Android and iOS platform.

This app can be used to swap cards between two people (Karding) while you can also have meeting and exchange cards securely.

All cards can be shared via SMS, Email or social media.

No more, typing numbers. Just tap and make a phone call, SMS, email or visit website or any social network platform.

You can add your resume to your card and also get direction.

You can your product, service or skills back of your card.

to find out more about this amazing app, please visit EverKard's website.