83% Of businesses say they would create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget.




According to Google in year 2000, about 361 million people were online, 14 years later there were over 3 billion.

That’s a growth rate of 764%!

Today, nearly half the world is online.

In Australia, the numbers are even more impressive: over 90% of Australians have personal access to internet, over 80% of them own a smartphone and there are 3.3 internet-connected devices per person.


On average, Australians spend over 3,360 minutes per month online, that’s over 56 hours!

So, what are they doing with all that time and how can your business tap into this enormous opportunity?

Well, many of them are online shopping.

In fact the web played a role in 64% of Australia’s total transactions of goods and services last year, with $19 Billion being spent online alone.



Besides shopping, people are also going online for entertainment.

Online video has seen triple-digit growth in the last five years, with millions everyday watching video on platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

And people are spending hours socialising and sharing on social media sites.

Connecting with clients online can help you better serve your existing customers, be discovered by new ones, and become more efficient with your time and money.

This is an opportunity any small business should embrace. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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More Statistics

Social Media Video Statistics

People watch videos on Facebook every single day.
More than
Billion videos (estimated at more than 100 million hours of videos) are watched daily on Facebook.
More than
billion videos are watched on Snapchat daily.
More than
Million hours of YouTube videos are watched each day.
of social users watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos every week.
of Twitter users watch video content on the platform.
of people watch online videos every single day. - MWP
of mobile video viewers share videos with others. - Virtuets

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